After A Collision, Do I Have To Paint My Whole Car?

Once the Repairs are Made, Must I Repaint My Entire Vehicle?

To Repaint or Not to Repaint?

There are many reasons why you might want to repaint your entire vehicle following a collision repair. First, you'll want the paint to match your car's parts. But did you know that the paint on your vehicle does more than make it look good? Vehicle paint is meant to help keep the metal your car is made of from corroding and weakening over time. Having your entire vehicle repainted following collision repair work can boost the vehicle's resale value should you choose to sell it after the repairs and repainting have been finished. Rather than guessing if you need to repaint the entire vehicle, why not ask an auto painting expert like those found at Sandrof Auto Body in Lynchburg, VA? They'll be able to give you their expert opinion and discuss auto painting options to meet your needs and wallet.

Benefit of Repainting the Entire Vehicle

While small collision, dent, and scratch repairs may not require you to repaint the entire vehicle, if you don't want your car to look like a patchwork quilt, you will need to find an expert who can blend paints to match. Over time, the color of the paint on your vehicle may have faded or otherwise changed, making stock colors look completely different than what remains on your car. Only an expert auto paint specialist can match the paint left on your vehicle and the paint they have to repair scratches and dents with. This can be a time-consuming and expensive process. You'll want to discuss the pros and cons of this process with your auto-painting expert.

Bring Us Your Car

The auto paint experts at Sandrof Auto Body on Wards Road in Lynchburg, VA, are here to help you decide whether you need to repaint your entire vehicle following collision repairs. They'll assess the damage, talk with you about matching paint colors, and give you an estimate of the cost of the repairs and repainting services you choose. Give them a call today to make an appointment to have them inspect and assess your vehicle, or stop by the shop to speak to the experts in person.

Written by Sandrof Auto Body