Can Plastic Bumpers Be Repaired After A Collision?

Can and Should You Repair Your Plastic Bumpers Following a Collision?

Do You Have Plastic Bumpers?

Modern vehicles have bumpers made of many materials, including steel, metal, chrome, and fiberglass. They’re all intended to do the same job, regardless of the material. Bumpers protect you and your vehicle during a collision. If you have plastic bumpers, you may wonder if we can repair them following a collision or if you must replace them. The experts at a collision repair shop like Sandrof Auto Body in Lynchburg, VA, will be happy to help. We can assist you in making decisions and recommend repairs or replacements that meet the needs of your vehicle and wallet.

To Repair or Replace?

If your bumper has cracks, it’s likely to need replacement rather than repair. There are few cost-effective methods of repairing plastic, making replacement almost always the best option for your vehicle. Should the hooks securing your bumper to the vehicle be broken or damaged in the collision, a replacement bumper is again going to be your best course of action? Even if the hooks aren’t broken, the collision could have weakened them, leaving your vehicle vulnerable. Finally, suppose your bumper has many dents or deep scratches. In that case, you may consider replacing it rather than footing the bill for the parts and labor required to repair it. Do your research and trust your collision and auto body specialists when they share the cost of repairing your bumper versus replacing it. You may be surprised to find that often it is less expensive to replace the bumper than to repair it.

Sandrof Auto Body Is Here for You

The auto body and collision experts at Sandrof Auto Body on Lakeview Drive in Lynchburg, VA, are here to help get you back out on the road as fast as possible following a collision. Give them a call today to make an appointment to have the team inspect and assess the damage your vehicle has suffered. Once they’ve done the inspection and assessment, they’ll recommend repairs and replacements to fit your needs and wallet. If you prefer, you can stop by the shop to speak to the team.

Written by Sandrof Auto Body