Frame Damage from a Collision?

Is it safe to straighten my vehicle's frame after a collision?

Can The Frame of My Vehicle Be Straightened?

You've been in an accident, and the collision specialist has returned with the bad news that your vehicle's frame is twisted or bent. What do you do now? Your best course of action is to find an auto frame repair specialist like those found at Sandrof Auto Body in Lynchburg, VA, to get an expert opinion on whether it's worth it or safe to repair the frame damage rather than junking and totaling the vehicle. Whether or not a vehicle's frame can be straightened or repaired is situational and depends on the damage done in your collision and the specifics of the frame itself before it was damaged. You will know if your frame can be repaired once an expert looks it over and assesses the damage.

Is Frame Straightening Safe?

So long as it's done by a reputable auto frame repair expert, straightening the frame leaves your vehicle safe to drive. Frame straightening can be a cost-effective method of salvaging a vehicle that otherwise would be totaled and sent to the junkyard. Depending on the type of frame your vehicle has and the damage done in the collision, the cost and time to repair the frame will vary. Rather than speculating on the time and cost to repair such damage, it's best that you bring your vehicle to the experts at your preferred auto body shop.

What Can Sandrof Auto Body Do?

The frame repair specialists at Sandrof Auto Body on Wards Road in Lynchburg, VA, are here to inspect, assess, and recommend repairs for your bent or twisted vehicle frame following a collision. Our certified expert technicians will inspect the damage, assess whether it can be repaired or straightened, and then make recommendations to you, the owner, based on your needs and budget. Should they recommend frame straightening for your vehicle, they'll be able to perform the service and get your vehicle back on the road. Call them today to make an appointment to have your vehicle inspected and assessed. Or, if you prefer, you can stop by the Wards Road shop to speak with the experts in person.

Written by Sandrof Auto Body