These Are The Most Commonly Damaged Car Parts In A Collision

When You’re In a Collision, You Can Expect Damage to These Parts

You’ve Been in a Collision?

No one wants to have a collision on the road, but they do happen. They’re especially common for those who drive on highways in large metropolitan areas. So you’ve been in a collision? What are you going to do next? Your first call after your insurance company should be a certified collision repair body shop like Sandrof Auto Body on Lakeside Drive in Lynchburg, VA. The team at a certified collision repair shop will be able to inspect, assess and repair the damage done to your vehicle during the collision and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

What Parts of Your Vehicle Are Most Likely to be Damaged in a Collision?

Many parts of your vehicle can be damaged in a collision, but some are more likely than others. For example, front and rear bumpers are the most commonly damaged parts in less serious collisions. Bumpers can be damaged where the front or rear of your vehicle contacts the front or rear of another vehicle or hazard. Fenders, the parts that cover the wheel wells, are also commonly damaged, especially in collisions that occur while changing lanes on a highway. The front and rear doors can take the brunt of side-impact collisions. And in more serious collisions, you may have buckling and other damage to your front hood or trunk. No matter what parts of your car have been damaged, a collision specialist will be able to repair or replace those parts for you to get you back on the road again.

Let Us Help You

The team at Sandrof Auto Body, Lynchburg’s premier auto body and collision repair shop, is here to help make your car whole again. They’ll be able to inspect and assess any damage done during the collision and then recommend repair or replacement of parts to ensure the structural integrity of your vehicle isn’t compromised when you return to your daily commute and errand-running drives. Call them today to make an appointment for an inspection and assessment of collision damage on your vehicle. Stop by the Lynchburg or Lakeside Drive shop to speak with our team in person.

Written by Sandrof Auto Body