ADAS Calibration in Lynchburg, Virginia

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Expert ADAS Calibration Services

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) come standard in modern vehicles and serve various purposes to help improve safety and functionality. Today, nearly every new car sold in America has ADAS equipment designed for enhanced driver safety. Most ADAS systems are designed to correct driver mistakes through a complex system of cameras, radars, and sensors designed to enhance the drivers’ ability to drive error-free or to take control in the event of distracted driving. However, over time, your car’s ADAS may require calibration to ensure it continues keeping you safe. At Sandrof Auto Body, our team of technicians knows the importance of these advanced repairs, so we never cut corners. Instead, we use the latest tools and equipment when performing an ADAS calibration, ensuring everything is correctly calibrated before returning your vehicle to you. See us in Lynchburg, Virginia, today to discover how we can confirm your continued safety on the road with our ADAS calibration services.